From the walkway Taline to the square Sri selo there are a numerous restaurants and taverns with a rich selection of local specialties such as fish, shellfish, seafood, grilled meat, roasted lamb, krostule, fritters and other delicacies. Enjoying local dishes with live music becomes a real experience to remember. Dalmatian cuisine is considered to be one of the healthiest cuisines, the way of preparing and using Mediterranean spices and olive oil has already been registered and recognized in the culinary world.

Traditional sweet in Dalmatia, prepared as a symbol of holidays or hospitality. The creamy mixture is made of flour, warm water, yeast and a spoon of sugar. When the mixture reaches twice its size, reach into it using a spoon, and try to keep the same shape for the fritters. Fry them in hot oil, let them dry on kitchen paper, scatter vanilla sugar over them and serve.

Roasted lamb
One of the most typical and very tasty Dalmatian dishes. The whole lamb is put on a spit and roasted on an open fire of aromatic wood until its skin becomes of golden yellow colour.

Swiss chard with potatoes
Put some potatoes cut into pieces with two cloves of garlic into salted water and let them boil. After ten minutes add to potatoes double the quantity of Swiss chard. Let it boil for ten more minutes, drain the water and serve with olive oil, pepper and chopped garlic. It is served as a side dish with grilled or boiled fish and meat.

Octopus salad
Cook the octopus at a low heat. It will cook faster and become softer if two corks are put into the water. After it is cooked, cut the tentacles into pieces and body into little rings. Season with vinegar and olive oil and, if necessary, with garlic and parsley.


Restaurant "GORAN"

Restaurant "PUMPURELA"

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Restaurant - Caffe bar "ZVONIMIR"

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