Klapa meeting “Raspivano Bibinje”
The oldest and most famous traditional klapa manifestation in Zadar County held in Bibinje since 1977. It is a manifestation that fosters original folk songs and singing a Capella, sung in Bibinje for decades. This major cultural and tourist event in mid-August at the peak of the tourist season gathers excellent male and female vocal groups from all over Dalmatia and beyond. The meeting whose synonyms are relaxation, Dalmatian flair, struggle of klapa for applause and encore is held in the rustic ambience of Sri selo square while socializing continues long into the night.

The feast of Saint Roch
With the feast of Saint Roch, the patron saint of Bibinje, which takes place on the 16th of August, the indispensable part is feast welcoming as well. Namely, on the 15th of August, a great party is being organised and locals and visitors can enjoy the music and at midnight in the bay Jaz, the Croatian flag is being set while big fireworks begin. The day of feast begins with a procession of the saint’s statue through the streets of the old village, while music concert and dance are being organised in the evening.

Bibinje Summer run
Bibinje Summer Run is a street race organized by the Triathlon Club Zadar and the Zadar Run School ,Tourist Board of the Municipality of Bibinje and the Municipality of Bibinje. One of the goals is to connect the tourists who stay in Bibinje in the heart of the summer season with local people through sports and fun. The race track is 8 km, which is certainly a challenge for all riders and professionals who will not be easy to race at + 30C.

Kogo of Bibinje
Traditional culinary event that provides a beautiful image of preparing indigenous dish of Bibinje, black rolled pasta on cuttlefish in the beautiful surroundings of Talina walkway. The event that attracts great deal of attention of domestic and foreign guests for years, as well as the media, which tells story itself about "Kogo of Bibinje" has a great significance. Guests can also taste the delicious dishes prepared by hard-working team and taste the touch of tradition that strives to be enliven by this event.

Good Friday procession
Croatian Easter customs are a part of Croatian tradition, along with the celebration of Easter numerous customs have been developed and the history of Bibinje itself is inseparable from Christianity.
In order to meet the greatest Christian feast of Easter, one of the most famous processions in Croatia, Good Friday procession is held in Bibinje. Procession aims to bring together cultural and religious place offer. Except to residents, procession is also interesting to many guests that are being inspired by this traditional event. A beautiful breath-taking scene can be seen when coming up the bay Taline, where the whole walkway is being illuminated with a large illuminated cross in the middle.