Interesting facts

Residents of Bibinje are strong because they are unique. The hospitality, openness, benevolence, timeless readiness for a party in a Dalmatian way, directness, commitment and loyalty make only a part of the character of people from Bibinje. They always know what is good and what is bad. And they will call it by real name without hiding. That is why it is easy with the people from Bibinje. (‘Bibinje and surrrounding’, (2010), the Municipality of Bibinje).

Tomislav Bralić who is part of Klapa Intrade and Ivica Sikirić –Ićo one of the finest tenors are born in Bibinje.

Bibinje is birthplace of Ante Sikirić - Krivin a poet who writes on the original speech of Bibinje. His poems have been composed and performed at all major festivals, and there is almost no klapa that doesn’t sing his rhythmic strophes. Some of his most famous songs are: ‘Croatio, iz duše te ljubim’, ‘Neka ti bude postelja meka’, Ne znam što me tebi vuče’, ‘Što bi moja duša bila’.
He inspired other poets born in Bibinje to write beautiful poems about Bibinje; Bepo Bralić, Marin Fuzul, Šime Lisica Kitov, Samantha Pedišić.

- Bibinje is a place with much greater number of births than deaths. The settlement has a primary school Stjepan Radić with about four hundred children, two classes in each generation.
- Bibinje is the only place in Zadar County, which has two kindergartens.
- In Bibinje, there are over hundred surnames, 27 of which are local and make 80% of the population, all the others are either sons in law from Bibinje or settlers.
- Klapa Meeting „RASPIVANO Bibinje” is the most famous cultural brand of Zadar County outside the area of Zadar city.
- The most popular sport in Bibinje is football, volleyball is in the genes of Bibinje residents, and chess is the most trophy sport.